Wedding Packages & Prices

Included with EVERY package:

Comedy Magic Show
All Prizes & Give-Aways
Easy Online Booking & Instant Confirmation Contract
5 Star Reviews
Guaranteed Laughter & Fun! 
Perfect to keep the children entertained during the Drinks Reception, Wedding Breakfast, Speeches or even the Ceremony!
1 Hour Package
Comedy Magic Show
REAL Magic Rabbit
Balloon Modelling - 
A model for every child! 
Guaranteed Laughter & Fun! 
All Prizes & Give-Aways
ONLY £180
45 Minute
Magicial Package
Comedy Magic Show
Action Packed Show
All Prizes & Give-Aways
JUST £170
Guaranteed Laughter & Fun! 
Please Note: Krazy Kev's entertainment is recommended for a separate room as the children can get noisy!
There must be at least 2 adults (over 18) present at all times, not including Krazy Kev.



Not sure if Krazy Kev covers your area? Is there a travel fee on top?

The answers to these questions and more can be found on the F.A.Q Page.

Krazy Kev gives out these amazing Wand Packs to the children that help him with Magic. This option has been added because so many of the other children were asking for one. So for just an extra £25 every child at the party can have one. (3+ years. Max. 50) 
What's a Wand Pack? CLICK HERE